Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

Nikon D700 12.1 Megapixel Digitalkamera

Und wieder eine dubiose Anzeige für eine D700. Titel: "Nikon D700 12.1 Megapixel Digitalkamera". Erstaunlicherweise wurde die Anzeige sehr schnell gelöscht, nachdem ich Selbstabholung in UK (Camera gegen Cash) vorgeschlagen hatte ;-)

Antwort 1


I'm really glad you're interested in this item. It used to belong to my husband he gave it to me after the divorce and I have no use for it. I just want to get rid of it as soon as possible because i need money in this days.
I'm not really good at this stuff... all I know is it's working perfectly and has never had any problems.
After the divorce I moved back to my mother's in London along with all my belongings ... this blasted thing included. I'm selling there because it's buy it from there and will only work there.
I'll ship it using an international service at no charge for you. The listed price is the real price.
Because I can't explain much about the item technical stuff I'll offer a 10 day return option.
If you're serious about buying the item, email me back so that I can explain how this will work.

(...natürlich bin ich interessiert...)

Antwort 2

The shipping company we will use is called TNT and is a well known shipping company here in europe.
Let me explain how the transaction will go step by step: first I go to TNT with the package and start the delivery procedure, after I give them the package for you, TNT will send you a notification to let you know the process has been initiated,
and give you instructions on how to complete the payment to their company's payment agent. After they secure the money they will release the package to be delivered to your address and keep the payment until you receive and check and test it.
If all is ok with the item you need to contact TNT to give them the OK to pay me, if not, an agent will come to your house to refund your money and get the package to send it back to me.
If everything is clear send me your name and address and I will go to the nearest TNT office and start the delivery procedure.
Thanks again, Sandra