Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Nikon D700 für 780 EUR?

Kaum ist die Nikon D800 auf dem Markt, "verschleudern" einige dubiose Anbieter die D700. Auch wenn dies noch so verlockend klingt, sollte man auch hier auf der Hut sein. So hat uns Marie aus Salzburg vor einer gewissen Emily Nesta (emily.nesta@hotmail.com) gewarnt. Vielen Dank!
Die Antworten von Emily kommen uns sehr bekannt vor ("geschieden, nach London gezogen, braucht Geld", etc.) - in 2011 hatten wir jede Menge dieser Fälle...

I'm really glad you are interested in my product. It used to belong to my
husband , he gave it to me after the divorce and I have no use for it. I
just want to get rid of it as soon as possible because i need the money in
this days.I am a single mom with 2 small children so I think you can imagine
that it's quite difficult.
I'm not really good at this stuff all I know is that it's working
perfectly and never had problems.Never been damaged, dropped and has no dents or
After the divorce I moved back to my mother in London (United
Kingdom)along with all my belongings .I cannot sell it here because the specifications
are different , and nobody wants to buy a product made in another country.
I'll ship it using an international service at no charge for you. The
listed price is the real price.
Because I can't explain much about the item technical stuff I'll offer a 5
day's return option.
If you are serious about buying it, email me back so that I can explain
how this will work.

 Antwort 2

thanks for your e-mail. Well to be honest i'm not to good at this , but i did some research and found a service called TNT exchange . basically  I will need your full name and address so I can send you the package . after i finished the delivery process the company will get in contact with you , they will provide a tracking number and all the information's for the delivery . once you get that , you will need to send the money to them ( they will send you exact payment instructions ) . once they  will receive your payment confirmation they will deliver you the package and it will get to you in 48 hours ( i'm paying for the delivery ) . after you will get the package ( it will arrive at your front door step , you won't have to collect it from a local TNT point ) you will test it , see if it works and if you are satisfied with it , you let them know so they can pay me ... if by any reason you are unsatisfied , you will give them back the package , and they will refund your money . TNT told me that this is the best way for both of us , as we are insured we both get what we sell/buy . many thanks and looking forward hearing from you