Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

30 iPhone4 für 3.000 Euro?

Ein gewisser Alexander Brauchle mit der E-Mail bietet in österreichischen Kleinanzeigenportalen iPhone4 an. Bereits die Preise sollten potentielle Interessenten stutzig machen. 150 Euro für ein iPhone4. Es besteht sogar die Option alle 30 "vorhandenen" Geräte des Verkäufers zu kaufen. Diese gibt es dann für 3.000 Euro. Das wirkt alles weniger seriös, daher Finger weg von solchen Dumpingangeboten.

Antwort von Alexander Brauchle <>

Thank your for your fast reply. 
- the price for 1 is 150 Euro.
- the price for 2 is 300 Euro.
- if you buy 3 for 450 Euro, get 1 free (total 4).
- the price for 1 is 100 euros ONLY if you buy all 30. (total 3.000  Euro).
- i have 30 for sale. If you buy more, i make you a nice discount.
How many are interested to buy?? All are brand new, never used, official and first-class quality, SIM  free, factory unlocked (work with any GSM network), 100% original. Comes in original box, all original accessories and paper work included. Have international warranty. Come with bill (facture). Colors: you can chose the color. Because i live in Luxembourg, the deal will be made through Amazon. Amazon is the independent third party (Amazon hold your money until receipt the product). This is 100% safe for both parts because you do not want to pay first, and I do not want to lose time and money. This way, you will be able to inspect the product before committing to buy it, and I know that you have the money. Safe! Have you used the Amazon Service before?? If you want to know next steps, just reply me, and i explain in detail how we can do business.