Montag, 28. Februar 2011

Canon EOS 5D Mark II für 850 Euro.

Ein gewisser Herr Alexa bietet die angeblich gebrauchte 5D für einen extrem niedrigen Preis an. Es stellt sich jedoch heraus, dass Herr Alexa auch ein Ex-Mann von Martha Stewart ist. Weitere Männer werden sicherlich folgen... ;-)



Von: Martha Stewart <> 

I'm really glad you're interested in this item. It used to belong to my husband he gave it to me after the divorce and I have no use for it. I just want to get rid of it as soon as possible because i need money in this days.
I'm not really good at this stuff... all I know is it's working perfectly and has never had any problems.
After the divorce I moved back to my mother's in London along with all my belongings ... this blasted thing included. I'm selling there because it's buy it from there and will only work there.
I'll ship it using an international service at no charge for you. The listed price is the real price.
Because I can't explain much about the item technical stuff I'll offer a 10 day return option.
If you're serious about buying the item, email me back so that I can explain how this will work.